AmericanRF provides Wireless Solutions for organizations large or small.

Two-Way radios have been around since the early 1900s. The ability to use a radio frequency signal (RF) to communicate directly between two people was revolutionary. Being able to talk over several miles without being tied to a location significantly increased productivity and safety for mobile workers.

This concept was expanded. Coverage could be extended using a repeater. Repeaters deployed on buildings or mountain top sites would cover as much as an entire city or even county.

During this pioneering era, a new business model was born. Many aspiring entrepreneurs discovered they could sell radios to their customers. In addition, they could maintain a residual income by charging a small monthly fee for repeater service. This was an appealing option for fleet operators whose focus was not owning and maintaining a repeater system.

AmericanRF stands on the shoulders of these pioneers. Over the years we have aggregated FCC licenses, tower locations, antenna systems, radio hardware, and expertise. We leverage these assets by adopting networking technologies that enable the single-site repeater systems to interconnect into large coverage areas.

AmericanRF’s vision is to continue building upon the legacy of the two-way radio operator. We have heard the mantra for decades… “With this new technology, the two-way radio’s days are numbered.” Every decade we continue to find the simplicity, superior coverage, and control provided by a two-way radio continues to fill an essential role in the marketplace.

AmericanRF would like to see ubiquitous digital network coverage throughout the American landscape.

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